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Georgia Urban Ecologists I: Atlanta Cohort
09/11/2022 - 05/20/2023

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Waiver Statement:

By signing up for a trip, workshop, or attending a field trip sponsored by Georgia Audubon, I agree to abide by the Georgia Audubon Participant Code of Conduct (please read), and acknowledge the following for myself and all youth in my care who are in attendance:

-  Voluntary participation in Georgia Audubon field trips involves inherent risks and hazards, including but not limited to physical injury from exposure to hazards such as adverse weather conditions, insects and wildlife, rough and unknown terrain, moderately strenuous exercise, and transport to/from field sites.

-  All risks cannot be prevented and I assume those beyond the control of Georgia Audubon Program Volunteers and staff.

-  I am solely responsible for risks associated with personal trips, hikes, or other activities undertaken at my initiative during the course of this field trip.

-  I am physically capable, with or without reasonable accommodation, of undertaking these activities.

-  In case of a medical emergency, I give consent for emergency medical treatment and agree to pay for any charges not covered by my personal health insurance.

I will abide by this Georgia Audubon Participant Code of Conduct while on this trip. Specifically, I will avoid any behavior that negatively affects the comfort, well-being, or learning environment of others on the trip or the general public and understand that anyone asked to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately.

By attending this trip, I give Georgia Audubon the right to use photographs and other digital media obtained during the field trip that contain my likeness to promote Georgia Audubon events, including using such material on the Georgia Audubon website, social media, and all promotional material.

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