Brown-headed Nuthatch Nest Box

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The Brown-headed Nuthatch is a non-migratory songbird in Georgia. A quintessential Southern bird, with a home range from Virginia to east Texas, the Brown-headed Nuthatch lives in pine woodlands and anywhere it can get its favorite food -- pine seeds.  The Brown-headed Nutatch, or BHNU, is an indicator species for the health of the southeastern pine woodlands.  It is a high-priority species for conservation in the piedmont, with a 1.6% annual decline over 40 years according to Breeding Bird Survey Data. 

The Georgia Audubon Council has joined Audubon North Carolina in bringing the plight of the Brown-headed Nuthatch to light and helping this common, yet declining species regain nesting opportunities in its native range. Our builder, George Burkett, makes each of these boxes by hand using repurposed wood. Each box has a predator guard to prevent squirrels and other critters from enlarging the hole.  This is a well-made, easy to open and clean box that will make a great home for BHNU near your home.


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